Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yet anoter Pet Peeve

It seems that summer is more stressful here at Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital than other times of the year. Or, perhaps, I've just learned that venting on line in writing is better than committing violent felonies against random people in the name of maintaining my own sanity and there has been no real increase in incidents.

The latest button pushing is the dumping of cats and kittens by my back door. Now this infuriates me for several reasons.

  1. People dump these kittens in boxes with inadequate ventilation in all kinds of weather in the back of the parking lot assuming that we will find them before the elements cause them irreversible harm. (so far the idiots are right about this one.)
  2. People dump these kittens (oh and lets not exclude the adult cats as well) assuming that I won't just put them to sleep or send them off to the shelter where they will put them to sleep. (Don't tell anyone, but they are right about this one as well. The exception is sick animals which are humanely put down)
  3. I spent hundreds of dollars for video surveillance cameras and a sign pointing out that there is a system in place, only to have these morons circumvent the system or keep their cars out of the field of recording so I can't get their licence plate number and call the cops and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the federal law that they are violating. I would also publish their names and photos in the local papers so that they could be humiliated.
  4. The final infuriation, the straw that breaks the camels back, the proverbial whatever it is that pushes me over my limit, is that I am accumulating cats again.
So, here I am. Defeated by the irresponsible, reckless, potential animal abusers. Outsmarted by those that I choose to assume are idiotic, morons (much dumber than a regular moron) that dump their responsibilities on my doorstep and leave all of their pet related problems for me to solve. And now dear readers, and I know you are out there because you all told me you are, I need your help. Look at these faces. They are attached to cats and kittens that need a home. They are growing up and their cuteness window is closing.

If you know anyone that wants a kitten, FELV and FIV negative, parasite free, and current on vaccines, have them give me a holler. I'm on Long Island and these guys are ready to go. I would keep them myself, but I've done that before and I have 5 of my own living in the hospital already. Call the office at 516 746 1566 or check us out on the web by following the link above.

Keith Niesenbaum, VMD

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