Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie, Julia, and Niesenbaum

I saw the movies Julie and Julia last weekend at it was a momentous occasion for several reasons. First off, I saw a movie in the theaters rather than from the preferred location which is via Netflix in the comfort of my own bed. The Netflix/bed option has several distinct advantages over the theater. I can start and stop the movie as needed, I can snack on my choice of foods without taking out a mortgage to pay for them, the floor is not sticky, and of course, I am in my bed, with my wife and there are no strangers to interact with. Now, movie purists would argue that I am not getting the full movie experience as the film maker intended, but that would be way to big of a digression for my animal blog.

So why am I writing about this movie at all? Well the truth is, I identify with it on so many levels that I wanted to share.

First, I am old enough to remember The French Chef television show, not just the Dan Akroyd version, but the real show. Prior to Top Chef, Iron Chef, and the rest of the crop of current TV cooking shows, I was reared on Julia and Graham, both of whom entertained me as they worked their way, imperfectly through complex recipes that I could make at home if I purchased their books and was older than 10. I loved/love cooking shows as I love cooking and eating. Hence I liked the film.

Second, much like the second main character in this movie, I am blogging. This is an exercise that sometimes feels quite unappreciated. Sort of an unrequited labor of love. You see, until recently, I felt that I was ruminating (cow reference appropriate as I continue to eat and become more bovine as time goes on) only for myself. A sort of therapy, an exercise for me and unseen by anyone. Or so I thought.

You guys are reading this. Yeah!!! Not only are people commenting on the blog (please keep them coming) but people who follow me on twitter are letting me know that they are reading as well. Unlike Julie, I'm not getting 80 comments a day, but in all fairness, she is probably a better writer than me anyway.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Keith Niesenbaum, VMD

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barrie said...

I saw that movie last weekend as well :-) And I read your blog even if I don't usually comment!