Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Time and We all Need to Watch our Waists

So the holidays are upon us and not a moment too soon for those of us that love to gorge on the mounds of baked goods that arrive at the office, interspersed with gooey chocolates and the occasional fruit basket. Unfortunately for the staff as well as our patients, too much of a good thing is ... well, too much. While we are watching the scales (well I am watching the scales) trying not to undo all of the good that I did training last year, our patients are not always so vigilant.

First up was the post Thanksgiving turkey toxicity rush. You know, all the dogs ( and some cats) that were able to con their owners with plaintiff looks and whines, into forking over way too much in the way of table food. These guys and gals were in all week after the holiday with vomiting, diarrhea, and the occasional more serious case of pancreatits. I must say, quite the mess.

It's not that I'm against treats in moderation, but pets that are eating a particular diet should not get rich treats from the table. Owners don't seem to realize that their pets don't know what is best for them and will eat whatever we put into their bowls or toss them from the tables. Don't do it! You know who you are.

This is also the time of year that we try to emphasize weight loss to our clients for thier pets. It is difficlut to get them out to exercise because it is getting colder and the streets can be slick. However, this is the time it is the most necessary. Since I know that you all aren't going to listen to my about not feeding treats (Oh, I know it is always the spouse/kids/parent/in law), you must work on the other side of the equation, that is calories burned. Get out for a walk with your dog twice a day. Start with 15 or 20 minutes and build from there. If it is cold and your dog seem chilled, get a sweater or a coat for your pet.

Cut out the treats, or at least cut back. Try a low calorie, but high quality diet and feed according to the label. Here is a good place to start as the site has a weight loss diet and some low fat treats. Or ask your veterinarian for specific dietary recommendations.

Remember, weight put on now is tougher to take off than weight never gained. I guess I will never have a career in platitude writing.

Stay halthy and have a happy holiday season.

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