Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Well, Hector shamed me into it. You all know Hector if you've been by the clinic. He's the guy that is always running around with some job that needs his immediate attention. And when he isn't doing whatever he is doing, he's helping whomever needs help with whatever unruly dog happens to be creating havoc at that particular moment.
Well, one task he has taken upon himself recently is to take our food delivery packages for petsneedfood to UPS for delivery. ( Just like my kids, he always wants my car keys and my credit card. Apparently the clinic vehicle was in need of a wash as people were starting to rib him out in the real world. So today, a beautiful spring day, Hector took my car and my credit card out to the car wash. Doesn't it look grand?
I should have uploaded a photo of Hector is appreciation, but I didn't have one on my home computer. This was actually my first attempt at posting a photo on the blog and I wasn't even sure that it would work. Once again, we have proved that you can teach an old dog doctor new tricks.
I don't know if any of you will be at the Nassau Suffolk Challenge, a metric century bike ride out of Sea Cliff this weekend. I'll be there with my training buddies.
Also, Dr. Spar is getting ready to taper for his first attempt at the Long Island half marathon in two weeks. Look for him there. He is attempting a PR for the distance so he may be very serious before the race. Try to catch him as his jovial self after the race.
And lets not forget our canine athlete. Kim Norcott (nee O'leary) is leading up our canine Team Crawford. Team members will be racing at the World's fastest Chihuahua races at Petco in May. Check out our web page for more information. Better yet, come on in with your chihuahua and sign up to race with us.

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