Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A new venture for us at Crawford

Things are changing at Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital. After 6 years, Dr. Wu will be leaving us this spring to take a position in Ct. The move was inspired by her husband who has accepted a residency at Yale University in aneshtesiology. Imagine my surprise when she didn't want to commute back her to Long Island to stay with us.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Brian Spar join our staff. We have all known Brian for 8 years or so. He did several externships with us as a veterinary student. Since his graduation from the Royal Veterinary College in London, he has been working on the South Shore of Long Island. When the time for Doctor Wu's departure approached, I tracked him down and took him out for several long runs alnog the Wantaugh Parkway. Nothing like hypoxia to get a guy to see things your way.

Although none of us feel that we can replace Dr. Wu, Dr. Spar is already fitting right into our practice. Some of the clients have alread met him, and he has been very well received. It was his idea for us to start this hospital blog so that we can share some of our experiences with you all. I will try to post at least once a week. I want to share our comings and goings as well as new medical information, web sites to check out, and interesting cases that we see at the hospital.

So keep checking back and feel free to comment on my posts. You should also check out our web site at This site tons of information about our hospital as well as current pet health information and a search engine that lets you research your veterinary questions from quality sites on the web.

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